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Wir begrüßen Sie in der malerischen Schifferstadt Lauenburg/Elbe. Vielleicht können wir Sie mit unseren Informationen zu den vielen Sehenswürdigkeiten und Urlaubsangeboten zu einem Aufenthalt in unserer schönen Stadt verführen.

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Many possibilities for cycling

For cyclists, there are three long-haul cycleways going through Lauenburg.

  • Elberadweg
    The 860 km long Elbe-trail is a very popular cycleway in Germany passing a pittoresque landscape along the River Elbe and Lauenburg. It suits perfectly for nice day trips. For example you could make an excursion along the nature reserve „Hohes Elbufer“ to Geesthacht which is about 18 kms. You can enjoy romantic viewpoints overlooking the River.

  • Alte Salzstrasse
    a cycleway right through the duchy of Lauenburg, connecting the old Hanse towns Lüneburg and Lübeck, with a length of 100 kms. During the Middle Ages the valuable salt was carried on this road by horse and cart from Lüneburg to Lübeck.

When starting your bicycle tour in Lauenburg, you can combine both cycleways - “Alte Salzstraße” and “Elberadweg” - if you go for the “technical route”. This route is about 40 kms and will offer you many technical monuments such as the Elbschiffahrtmuseum, the shipyard “Hitzler-Werft”, the new lock and the old lock “Palmschleuse”.

  • cycleway Hamburg-Rügen – from the River Elbe to the Baltic Sea
    along the medieval trade route which once connected the mouth of the river Elbe with the mouth of the river Oder. Here and there you will still find witnesses of the 1000-year-old history. The cycleway goes from Geesthacht to Lauenburg and to Ratzeburg right through the Duchy of Lauenburg, along the Elbe-Lübeck-Kanal and picturesque places as well as three nature reserves, over gentle hills and through extended forests passing lakes and moorlands and unspoilt countryside up to the biosphere reserve „Schaalsee“, with an extremely rich fauna and flora. Absolutely a must for all those cyclists enjoying nature.
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