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Wir begrüßen Sie in der malerischen Schifferstadt Lauenburg/Elbe. Vielleicht können wir Sie mit unseren Informationen zu den vielen Sehenswürdigkeiten und Urlaubsangeboten zu einem Aufenthalt in unserer schönen Stadt verführen.

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Worth visiting in Lauenburg/Elbe

Mensingsches Haus and Maria-Magdalenen-Kirche

We have nicely restored the old half-timbered houses from the 16th to the 19th century in the historic part of the town, which was classified as a historical monument in the year 2000. Besides the „Mensingsche“ house, dated 1573, the oldest building in the historic town is the Maria-Magdalenen-Kirche, a church built in 1227 as a chapel. It has been altered several times during the centuries. The church houses cultural relicts of the 15th and 16th century.

The old castle

Uptown, overviewing the river, you will find the old castle, now hosting the town council and the mayor of Lauenburg. If possible, have a look into the „Magistratssaal“, a hall with a coffered ceiling, where civil weddings take place today. It is also worthwhile visiting the old fortified tower and the Askanier balcony from where you have an excellent view over the meadows along the River Elbe.

Elbschiffahrtmuseum and Palmschleuse

The river has always been the lifeline of the town. A visit to the “Elbschiffahrtsmuseum” will inform you about the development of shipping and navigation of the river and the importance of shipping for the people of Lauenburg during the centuries.

In the lower and upper part of the town you will also find further contemporary witnesses of the shipping history of Lauenburg, for instance the “Palmschleuse”, one of the few still existing chamberlocks in Europe, dated 1398 and belonging to the lock system of the medieval Stecknitz-Delvenau-Kanal.

Kaiser Wilhelm

Do not miss a nostalgic sightseeing tour on the River Elbe with our „Kaiser Wilhelm“, a paddle-steamer, built in Dresden in 1900 for the River Weser and operating out of Lauenburg since 1973. You can join the tour between May and September at every second weekend. The crew, working without a salary, will give you a warm welcome.


At the „Ruferplatz“ in the historic town the symbolic figure of the „Rufer” welcomes the incoming ships and the tourists. The “Ruferplatz” is the starting point for shipping tours to Hamburg, Mölln, Hitzacker, Boizenburg on the River Elbe, the Elbe-Lübeck-Kanal and the Elbe-Seiten-Kanal.


You can also join a guided sightseeing tour through the old historic town up to the castle and the „Fürstengarten“ styled in 1656 by Duke Julius Heinrich in the manner of barock garden architecture, with exotic plants and trees from all over the world, in particular a huge ginkgo tree.

Let yourself be carried away to the most interesting and beautiful places and corners of our historic town. You will learn a lot about what is not written or mentioned in books and prospects and our guides will tell you many anecdotes about former times.
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Worthwhile to be visited are the museums in and around Lauenburg:
  • Elbschiffahrtmuseum“ - Shipping Museum – development of shipping on the river Elbe through the centuries in documents, modelships and original exhibits
    Entrance fee: adults: € 2.-/children € 0,50/ groups at a minimum of 10 people € 1.- each.

  • Findorffhaus“ where two famous sons of the town were born.
    No entrance fee

  • Altes Kaufmannshaus“ the nicely restored trading house of the 17th century is also a centre of cultural events.
    Entrance fee for groups of 10 people and more.
    Opening hours on request

  • Mühlenmuseum“ – the last remaining dutch windmill of Lauenburg built in 1871/73 with a splendid view over the town Adults.
    Entrance fee: € 2.- each, childen € 1.-, and groups € 1,50 for each person.
    Opening times on request

  • Zugpferdemuseum“ - Carthorse Museum in Lütau – worthwhile to be visited if you want to learn more about the working horses.
    Entrance fee: adults € 2.-, no entrance fee for children.
    Opening times from 1 May to 30 September on Sundays from 13-17 h.

Come and stay for a while in the southernmost town of Schleswig-Holstein. We are looking forward to your visit!

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